The late political commentator Charles Krauthammer always argued that politics impacts every aspect of life. In today’s high speed and complex world, it is imperative to understand the “how and why” of political risk and then using that understanding to critically think about the impact of political events and policy decisions on organizational decision making.

The driving motivation behind Politics From The Heartland is a deeply felt passion to help individuals, businesses, not for profit, and professional organizations better understand political risk and its mitigation, allowing them to navigate from a position of strength in an increasingly complex world. Knowledge is power and Politics From The Heartland is about teaching, informing, analyzing, and motivating individuals and organizations to be proactive in the analysis and mitigation of political risk.. The approach is based on three foundational pillars:

  • Analysis
  • Research
  • Education

Politics From The Heartland is dedicated to using these three pillars to create a greater appreciation of the positive change that can come from a greater understanding of political risk and how a strategy of political risk analysis/mitigation is critical to the success of organizational goal setting, planning, crisis management, and successful decision making.